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 Luke Bouma Yesterday Apple announced that Apple TV+ would be $4.99 a month or free for the first year if you buy a new Apple product. As you would expect, many cable TV advocates have jumped on the idea that this, combined with subscriptions to other streaming services, now makes cord cutting add up to more than the cost of cable TV. One of the tweets that kicked off this fire strom of tweets about how cord
A List of the Best Cord Cutting Options

A List of the Best Cord Cutting Options

Posted by George Burke on  09/03/2019
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by Stacy Fisher Of LifeWire – Updated July 24, 2019 Cable and satellite monthly bills keep creeping up, but thanks to new technology and tons of streaming services, there are lots of cable TV alternatives out there. This cord cutting guide will help you decide if it will work for you, show you how you can still watch live TV and network TV, lay out the popular streaming services you may want to add, and let you know
by  Justin Pot  The cord cutting pushback has begun.  Wired ,  The LA Times  and even  my own colleagues have all argued that cutting the cord is starting to lose its luster, and that as more companies break off into their own streaming services (instead of putting their content up on Netflix), cord cutting will soon be just as expensive as cable. These articles are technically correct. But they also miss the point a bit: paying for all those services isn’t the only
Analysis: Will cord cutting really cut the costs?
Will Cutting the Cord Really Save You Money?     JEFFERSON GRAHAM | Saturday, March 11, 2017, 9:00 p.m. LOS ANGELES — It seems that barely a day goes by without yet another announcement about a new entertainment streaming service, which raises the question: At what point do we start spending more dollars on streaming than cable TV? The streaming services were supposed to be an on-demand, low-cost answer to all those hundreds of channels that we pay for
What to Know Before You Buy an Over-The-Air Antenna (OTA)
All About Over-The-Air Antennas (OTA)   by  Matthew Torres Updated December 28, 2017 An off-air antenna is a product people use to receive over-the-air signals from broadcast TV stations. In order to use an antenna, your television must have a built-in tuner or you must have an external tuner connected to the antenna and television. Digital or HD Antennas There really is no such thing as a digital or high definition antenna. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) says that

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